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Shear and Form Metal
  • 10 ft Wysong shear capable of shearing up to 3/16" plate.

  • 12 ft press break. 

  • Ability to roll, form and punch custom projects.

A Man Welding
Welding and Finishing
  • Specializing in tig and mig stainless steel welding and polishing. 

  • Mobile welding service available for customization and/or repair.

  • Stainless steel polishing from standard #4 brushed finish to #8 mirrored finish. 

Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication/Installation

Commercial Kitchens:

  • Wall cladding, shelving, dish tables, prep tables, sinks, wait stations, cook lines. 

  • Install commercial kitchen exhaust systems, grease duct, MUA duct, dish machine duct and rooftop units.

  • Fabricate or repair trash gates.

Pharmaceutical Industry:​

  • Platforms, railing, hoppers, equipment enclosures, access doors.

  • Stainless equipment customization.

Other Custom Fabrication Including:

  • Roof flashing, trim, angles, back splashes, wire chases, louvers, duct work, drain pans, hand rails, column wraps, building fascia.



Locally owned and operated, for almost 40 years we have provided services for commercial and industrial fabrication, repairs and customization.




Fabrication Shop and Office

2905 S Wyandot St

Englewood, CO 80110

Tel: 303-788-0341

Fax: 303-788-0342

Maria CSM Shop.jpg


What's in a name?

The inspiration for our company name came from the song “They Call the Wind Maria” featured in the movie Paint Your Wagon. Because we started out as an HVAC company, it referenced the “wind” moving through the duct work!

Background and pronunciation of "Maria" (*according to Wikipedia, edited for brevity and clarity):

  • In George Rippey Stewart's 1941 novel Storm, he gives the storm, which is the protagonist of his story the name "Maria". In 1947, Stewart...discussed the pronunciation: "The soft Spanish pronunciation is fine for some heroines, but our Maria here is too big for any man to embrace and much too put the accent on the second syllable, and pronounce it 'rye'".

  • The success of Stewart's novel was one factor that motivated U.S. military meteorologists to start the informal practice of giving women's names to storms in the Pacific during World War II. The practice became official in 1945. In 1953, a similar system of using women's names was adopted for North Atlantic storms. This continued until 1979, when men's names were incorporated into the system.


To apply for a job with Maria Custom Sheet Metal please bring your resume and visit us in person to fill out an application. If the shop foreman is on site he can briefly discuss any availabilities. 

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